Hello Mississauga Fruit Tree Volunteers!

It’s time to start gearing up and getting ready because the fruit season is upon us!
Get your gardening gloves, your splash pants and your ratty old t-shirts because we’re going to get down and dirty over the next couple of months.
In just THREE WEEKS cherries will be ready to pick! We’ve also already had a few events to help prepare gardens and we hope to have more in the coming weeks.
All of the past volunteers know the drill. Anyone interested in volunteering should know that this is a great opportunity to get outdoors this summer and learn about gardening, picking fruit and a great time to make new friends and be involved with your community!
And guess what? There’s perks, of course! Does your family like cherries, apples or pears? Do you enjoy eating delicious, locally-grown fruit in the summer time? Well that’s great because you get to take home fruit from any tree picking events that you help us out with!
So, get your gear ready and get pumped up to start this season of gardening and tree picking. It’s going to be a great season. We hope that you can participate and help us to strengthen and build our relationships with our communities through mutual respect for the environment and each other!
See you soon!