What a Scorcher!

This summer has been hot, hot, hot! I have loved every minute of it, but it seems that most of the population agrees with the trees that it has just been TOO hot.

Last August found the Mississauga Fruit Tree volunteers busy picking peaches, plums and pears. However this spring was so wet that many of the trees didn’t pollinate well, then the summer has been so hot and dry, which was stressful for the trees. The combined result is that there is very little fruit to be found in Malton, Mississauga this season.

The bright spot in the local fruit scene is the Apple Tree! Because apple trees are pollinated a bit later than the other fruit trees, apple trees are still producing fruit this year. We are hoping for a wonderful apple-picking season which is just starting up!

If you know of an apple tree owner who hates having rotten apples in his yard and is too busy to do anything about it, please contact us as we would love your help in making good our promise to deliver fresh, local fruit to the food banks and community kitchens here.

Hope to see you at an apple harvest soon!