Re-education on Perfection

As we continue through the apple harvesting season, I begin to notice more and more the allure of perfection. The “perfect apple” hunt that occurs as we pick fruit, the “perfect picture” of the fruit of our labour, or the “perfect weather” in which to be out picking fruit. We all want perfection.

But “picture perfect” also plays a very sad role. Many people look only at the outside of the apple to determine whether it isworth eating. They want to see a perfectly smooth, well- rounded, store-sized apple. When they see an apple with a small blemish on one side, they immediately are no longer interested in the apple.

The beauty of what we do at the Mississauga Fruit Tree does not lie in a smooth outer shell. It lies in amazing freshness, transporting our fruit a maximum of 5-10 kilometers from where it was picked today or yesterday. It lies is a real peel that has no wax on it to give a fake shine. It lies in “perfect” vitamin C levels, not withered away from days or weeks of transportation. It lies in having NO pesticides, instead of the usual 10 applications of pesticides that most store-bought apples hold inside of them. It lies in browning rapidly upon being cut open due to very high levels of polyphenols and flavanoids, which are linked to amazing health benefits.

As I spend my days picking these amazing, imperfect apples, I hope to spread my passion for what is truly beautiful and healthy.