From Tree to Table- journeying from fruit harvesting practices of old!

Remember the days when gleaning fruit from home grown trees was a common practice? What would it be like to taste local fruit from tree to table again? Community members of Mississauga are able to tell us.
Fruit harvesting began just a couple of weeks ago for cherry trees. Mississauga residents and volunteers have taken fruit picking full circle for a third summer in a row. By picking cherries from local cherry trees of participating residents, the helping hands of volunteers harvested fruit before it fell, where the bounty was shared between residents, volunteers and families in need who are accessing local food programs.
A rise in food prices continues to make it increasingly difficult for low income families to access nutritious fruit. By gleaning fruit from local trees, residents and volunteers are enhancing food security by taking part in equal sharing of the fruit harvest.

To continue the journey from tree to table, the next harvest of fruits takes place towards the end of July where plums and apricots await the helping hands of volunteer Urban Fruit Pickers.
Volunteers say the best part of fruit picking is that they get to enjoy delicious fruit that is fresh and locally grown while enhancing access to fresh fruit for others to enjoy.
Is it any wonder why such a practice of old, as gleaning fruit, laid some of the foundations for a healthy community? Volunteers with the Mississauga Fruit Tree remind us of this practice as they journey from tree to table this season.

Take the journey from Tree to Table with Mississauga Fruit Tree this season by:

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