Pounds and Pounds

We’re very excited about what’s going on around the Mississauga Fruit Tree lately! This last Saturday alone, our volunteers picked 80 pounds of apples, 15 pounds of plums and 25 pounds of tomatoes, eggplants and peppers to donate to the Knight’s Table community kitchen. That’s 120 pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise have been wasted that now goes to feed those in need of food and nutrition.

The equivalent 120 pounds of food that you can purchase at the store would still fill stomachs, but research has proven that the vitamin content of fruit and vegetables strongly decreases the further it travels and the longer it goes un-eaten. Through picking local fruit and vegetables and donating it the same day, we feel so excited to be able to offer not just pounds of food, but pounds of vitamin-dense produce with fresh taste that you just can’t buy.

We’d love to have you call 905-299-5645 or email info@mississaugafruittree.org to learn more about being a part of our exciting adventures!