Notice: Mississauga Fruit Tree has suspended its activities until further notice.


Over 2,000!

As of the beginning of August, we had zero pounds of fruit. There were no apricots on the apricot trees, no cherries on the cherry trees, no peaches, no plums and certainly no pears on the pear trees. We had absolutely nothing to pick. We threw ourselves into walking the neighbourhoods of Malton to find new(…)


Re-education on Perfection

As we continue through the apple harvesting season, I begin to notice more and more the allure of perfection. The “perfect apple” hunt that occurs as we pick fruit, the “perfect picture” of the fruit of our labour, or the “perfect weather” in which to be out picking fruit. We all want perfection. But “picture(…)


Pounds and Pounds

We’re very excited about what’s going on around the Mississauga Fruit Tree lately! This last Saturday alone, our volunteers picked 80 pounds of apples, 15 pounds of plums and 25 pounds of tomatoes, eggplants and peppers to donate to the Knight’s Table community kitchen. That’s 120 pounds of fresh produce that would otherwise have been wasted that now goes to feed those in need of food(…)


What a Scorcher!

This summer has been hot, hot, hot! I have loved every minute of it, but it seems that most of the population agrees with the trees that it has just been TOO hot. Last August found the Mississauga Fruit Tree volunteers busy picking peaches, plums and pears. However this spring was so wet that many(…)


From Tree to Table- journeying from fruit harvesting practices of old!

Remember the days when gleaning fruit from home grown trees was a common practice? What would it be like to taste local fruit from tree to table again? Community members of Mississauga are able to tell us. Fruit harvesting began just a couple of weeks ago for cherry trees. Mississauga residents and volunteers have taken(…)